About Singing Flower Studio

As a young child I followed my father around his garden where he showed me how to plant peas in careful rows. One, two, three, being careful that the distance between each seed was the same. Then cover them carefully with soil and trample the earth down with my barefeet. I grew up in rural country south of Lake Ontario.

One of my favorite pastimes as I grew older was collecting butterflies, putting each one carefully labelled, into boxes, an endeavor I pursued at the University of Michigan Biological Station during two college summers. Always the love of plants and natural things called me back from my busy life. I loved painting, copied natural patterns and made new ones all for the satisfaction of connecting with the beauty around me.

It seemed a natural choice to start making lotions and other body care products from plant materials. It was a new courtship with the flowers and plants I had loved all along. Singing Flower Studio was born of this passion. It is what I offer to my customers as I share the purity and elegance of these products.

A Look Behind The Scenes