Why would jasmine be wonderful during this pandemic? Because it increases alertness and brightens spirits. Who doesn’t need a little uplifting these days, as we wait for vaccinations? And the house is full of working moms and dads and children and their new pets… It’s a prescription for chaos, and that takes lots of alertness and, when possible, joy.

Jasmine is also a luscious fragrance and an aphrodisiac. It weighs in on the side of joy. We put it into our Daytime Facial Moisturizer and in our Jasmine Skin Toner, because it is nutritious for your skin and will balance
the sebum. But it will also alert your spirit that day has come and it is time to rejoice in a new day.

Jasmine is a tropical flower that grows on an evergreen vining shrub with white and pink flowers. It is the flowers that are picked for their fragrance. One variety blooms in the evening and another in the early morning. These flowers are very fragile, so the process of creating the absolute is labor intensive and costly.

Jasmine absolute is produced using a wax-like pomade. The fragile flowers are embedded in the wax, which absorbs their fragrance. The first flowers are removed and more flowers are added until the desired intensity
is reached. The absolute is extracted from the pomade in a process called enfleurage.

One of the advantages of essential oils and absolutes is that they carry special extras in their fragrance, which chemicals alone cannot offer. Jasmine will open your spirits. The world will offer new opportunities, and chaos will seem more manageable. Jasmine smells wonderful, too. 

As this pandemic seems to linger and has now teamed up with winter, enjoy the softness and elegance of jasmine. Spring is just around the corner!