• Essential oils from citrus fruits are created by cold-pressing the rinds of the skin.
  • Neroli, the flower of the orange tree, has an intoxicating fragrance often used in perfumes. If you are lucky enough to visit an orange orchard when it is in bloom, you will want to remain standing there soaking in this luxurious scent. 
  • All citrus plants are high in a chemical called a terpene. Terpenes cause the skin to burn more quickly when exposed to the sun.
  • Terpenes cause the essential oils to oxidize more quickly than when they are removed. When terpenes are removed chemically from the essential oil, the citrus oil is called “5-fold.” Singing Flower only uses terpene-free essential oils in our lotions and creams.
  • Common citrus essential oils are Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, and Lime. Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is also a citrus plant with a slightly more “herbal” fragrance. Neroli is the flower of the orange tree.
  • If you are purchasing citrus essential oils, it may be smart to purchase 5-fold oils so that the oil is not oxidized quickly. Oxidized essential oils lose their fragrance and become old faster. Of course, 5-fold oils are usually more expensive.
  • Our spirits are raised by essential oils. Orange is a particularly useful essential oils in the winter for this reason. Perhaps some of the floral fragrance remains trapped in the rind that is squeezed for the essential oil.

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