In this time after the holidays, when the rush is over, take time to care for yourself.

This year most of us will be happy to see the end of 2020 and the arrival of 2021. But we still need to be cautious and take care of ourselves and our families. Try some of these inexpensive ideas:

  • Buy a flower or grow one from a bulb. Flowers have a lovely fragrance. Grow a bulb and watch every day as it gets taller and fuller. Or start some sprouts in a jar and later enjoy them in a sandwich.
  • Feed the birds. They are hungry this time of year. Put sunflower seeds in a feeder or on a tray or board on the back porch. They will find the treats.
  • Make of special cup of tea in the afternoon when your first flush of energy has been exhausted. Don’t rush it. Savor it!
  • Put some salts in a warm foot bath and chase away tired feet while you chase off any foot problems.
  • Take a long warm bath with bubbles. Close the door and let the air get warm. Put a few drops of essential oil in the bath. Follow up with your favorite lotion so your whole body is soft and fragrant.
  • Wrap yourself in a warm robe or blanket and curl up with a good book or a puzzle. If you have a fireplace nearby, even better.

During these long evenings and short days, take advantage of the dark hours to relax and refresh yourself. Your can find Bubble Baths, Soaps and Lotions in our store. All our handmade products are natural and vegan. Soothe yourself and design a quiet time before the hectic approach of spring is upon us again.

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