The large number of products in this category speaks to the versatility of Lavender Essential Oil. It is one of our favorite herbal fragrances. Lavender Essential Oil can deter insects and can soothe the skin. Sprayed on a pillow, it will encourage sleep. Lotion rubbed on a child’s feet will help relax the little tyke in preparation for a good night’s sleep. It is never sweet, but does not have the sharp edge of some herbal scents. We make a Lavender Lotion, a Lavender Massage Oil, Lavender Virus Cleansers and, of course, Lavender Soap. Our Soap is made with Coconut Oil and Lavender Essential OIl. In this time of covid-19 it is a great way to wash your hands without drying out the skin. This soap has a white suds and throws up the scent of real lavender into the air when you wash.

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