Our spritzers are witch hazel based. That makes them less drying than rubbing alcohol. We wish it were completely safe to kill the corona virus, but that is not the case. It will make a room smell wonderful and will deter some insects. That is especially true of the Lavender-Rosemary. Our No-Itch is a different item altogether. Our No-itch is in a roll on bottle to rub on zits and mosquito bites. The Lavender-Rosemary combination helps to dry out whatever causes the itch and it will also help to kill bacteria and fungus itches. Keep it under your pillow when you are camping to rub onto mosquito bites. Or put it in your pocket on a hike. Rub it on your feet if you have to cross a public bath floor barefoot. It has lots of uses and is a handy item to keep nearby.

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