Welcome to our first blog. I hope that you will find the information we can offer you on health care products will be easy to understand and to follow, and that it will help you and your family to stay healthy.

Singing Flower Studio has now moved to new location in northern Wisconsin. Herbster is just on the south shore of Lake Superior. It is very beautiful and a little cold and rainy at this time, but I am quickly planting my garden. Always an optimist, I plant tomatoes that my daughter has started indoors, peppers, broccoli and lots of other good vegetables, herbs and flowers. A little nuisance bunny has already eaten the leaves off one of my broccoli plants. Most of my herbs such as lavender and tarragon, survived the winter and are green and growing again this summer.

For those of you who are out and about in nature, I have just finished a new batch of insect repellent cream. I will be making more Insect stick repellent soon. I know the guys seem to prefer the stick roll on. I think it works a little better in high grass and in canoes and kayaks where mosquitoes and ticks are plentiful. The cream is great on the patio or mowed lawn.

As the summer heats up, be sure to take care of yourself in the sun. Wear protective sun gear such as a hat and glasses. Stay out of the midday sun, especially in Florida and other southern states. Use sunscreen to keep from damaging your skin. Some chemicals to avoid in sunscreen are oxybenzone, Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) and sunscreens rated above 50.*

For healthy ingredients look for zinc oxide, avobenzone and mexorylsx.* Sprays and powders should be used with caution, because inhaling them is not good for you. Better to use broad spectrum and water resistant creams so you cut out all the kinds of sun rays and prevent the water from washing it off. SPFs above 50 do not give you any advantage, but cost more money.

Those of us who are older know that skin damage begins at an early age. Be sure to take precautions even if you are young.Our bodies are so important for years to come, be sure to protect them from the sun now.

*go to www.ewg.org/sunscreen to find out more information about sunscreens. EWG puts out regular information about environmental toxins and health information.