1 Don’t punish yourself trying to correct everything that isn’t perfect. The new year is full of diets and pledges, which are mostly the results of previous issues. Save those things for the summer, when the sun, and our spirits, are full.

2 Keep up some kind of Outdoor Activity even though the weather is cold. Vitamin D comes from the sun. It is good for our spirits and so is fresh air. Take a short walk to keep your body moving. Or, if you love winter sports,
Go for it!

3 Try new recipes. Purchase food that makes you happy. Explore ingredients that are new to you. Try recipes from another culture.

4 Visit friends and family. During this prolonged time of Covid, it is easy to forget how important other people are for us. Just be careful to wear your mask or check Covid status before you go. Invite them over to try the new recipe you’ve just made.

5 Treat yourself to some favorite fragrances: Hot bubblebath, a new perfume, Lotion that smells yummy.

6 What quiet activities are you usually too busy to do?
a. Puzzles
b. Favorite T.V. programs, movies, or podcasts.
c. Get out your sewing machine and some of that fabric you bought three years ago.

7 Indoor Flowers and plants help freshen the air and brighten the indoor atmosphere. Start a bulb growing, or buy a little bouquet of flowers.

8 Dream a little. What are your plans for the year? A robust garden? Some travel to see new places and friends? A new career? Let your self dream and create a plan that will move you toward that goal.

9 Paint a room a new color. Give a dreary room a new makeover. Get a bright tablecloth out of your linen cupboard and cover the table. Make that forgotten fabric into new curtains. Bring color into your home.

10 Go to bed earlier. Get a little more sleep. Renew your body and your spirit.

This year is full of New Opportunities!