Santa Claus used to leave an orange in the heel of my stocking on Christmas morning. Oranges occupied a special space with candies and nuts. Now that they are available in grocery stores everywhere, they seem more commonplace and less cherished. Though Orange juice is a common juice, the smell of a freshly squeezed orange will transport us to new tropical places and to memories of special celebrations.

Orange essential oil has many uses for aromatherapy. It stimulates the immune system, which along with its vitamin C content, makes it a helpful essential oil in the winter months. It also alleviates depression and insomnia, which are additional good reasons to keep it on hand during the darkest months of the year.

Orange and Cinnamon combine in an invigorating combination for the holidays. I have made an orange-cinnamon scrub and a small orange-cinnamon spray. The sugar scrub is great in the guest bathroom. I have added a tablespoon of my handmade liquid soap to help carry away dirt as the coconut oil soothes the skin. It is also helpful as a gentle face cleanser in the evening. It will carry away all leftover makeup, too. Use the orange-cinnamon atomizer to spray your bathroom, your linens or yourself. I have added a touch of neroli to enhance the fragrance of the orange-cinnamon. (There is also a lavender-rosemary Spritzer available).

What is Neroli?

It is the name we give to the orange tree flower. If you have been lucky enough to walk into an orange grove when the trees are in bloom, you were probably transported by the wonderful fragrance.

Neroli’s erotic and profound fragrance will lift you up. Neroli promises spring and love. The essence of the sun is released by the essential oil of the blossom. Neroli releases its secrets into the air when you inhale its fragrance.

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