Citrus fruits make wonderful refreshing essential oils. The essential oils are
produced by cold pressing the rind of the grapefruit. This is a little different from essential oils that are distilled. It is also unusual for the fruit of a plant to be used for the essential oil instead of the leaves, stem or flower.

Pink Grapefruit is one of my favorite essential oils because it is not as extreme as lemon and not as sweet as orange. Pink Grapefruit, has a very complex fragrance that is a little bitter, but also full of sweet elements. I call it my “Daybreak” fragrance, and I use it effectively in soap and shampoo.

Citrus essential oils are phototropic, which is to say, that they will burn your skin if you go out in the sun wearing the essential oils. For my lotions there is something called five-fold pink grapefruit, which has the terpenes removed so that the essential oil is no longer phototropic. I use the five-fold pink grapefruit essential oil in my Daybreak Lotion.

Lotion allows the healing elements of the essential oil to penetrate the skin and start working for you in its healing capacities. Pink Grapefruit is useful in calming the irritation of stomach upset and even of PMS. Other uses are its antiseptic and antiviral characteristics. If you put it into a diffuser and disseminate it into the air it will raise your spirits while it eliminates germs and refreshes your rooms. It helps reduce the spread of colds and viruses in our living spaces. It’s a good essential oil for winter time.

It is also very good for your hair. It helps to eliminate small skin irritations that are so common on the scalp. Let our Daybreak Shampoo sit for a few minutes to give it time to work its magic.

We just made a short batch of Pink Grapefruit and Himalayan Salt soap. Both the grapefruit and the salt will help stimulate circulation in your legs and midriff. The red Valentine’s color is from Red Australian Reef Clay. Rub it gently into your face, but keep the salt away from your eyes. It will be available on the website in the soap section until it is gone.

Pink grapefruit is not so good if you have low blood pressure, so don’t
disseminate it in a space with people who have low blood pressure problems. Also, dogs are often irritated by diffusing essential oils. Do not diffuse grapefruit or other citrus with your dog in the house. Essential oils are too strong to use on the skin full strength. Always dilute them in another oil such as jojoba oil or almond oil.