When we think of a geranium the bright red horticulture geraniums come to mind. Decorative and attractive, these are not the kind of geraniums used in essential oils.

Pelargonium graveolens, the geranium used in essential oils, has a small pink flower, almost invisible amid the green leaves. It is these important green leaves, as well as the stems and flowers that are distilled to create essential oil.

The essential oils from this wild geranium lift the spirits and are ideal to help ameliorate the symptoms of PMS and menopausal complaints. It is good for the skin and the lymph systems, which is one reason I chose it for my Wild Geranium Deodorant. Underarm use helps balance oils in the skin and decrease any lymph or fluid retention. The zinc oxide added to the deodorant is what stops odor.

Perspiration is a healthy part of exercise. It is only the odor we want to stop. The combination of wild geranium and zinc oxide is a healthy combination to keep your underarms odor free and prevent irritation. (We also make a Lavender-Sage deodorant for those who prefer a more herbal fragrance.)

Another geranium is Rose Geranium or Bourbon Geranium, which has a small flower and is generally grown for its scented leaves. My grandmother dried these leaves in the pages of a book, and folded them into letters that she mailed to me. There was always a distinct herbal geranium smell to her letters. I loved it!